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So glad to see everyone!
Hey Diane! so glad to see you here! Hope you are able to come back often!
(02-19-2016, 01:32 PM)JordanC Wrote:
(01-27-2016, 11:23 AM)Beagle Wrote: I am excited that we are starting to see more members arrive!  So glad to have you guys on board with us!

Invite your friends!  put up some songs for us to listen to and comment on!

quit your day job and spend all of your time writing songs and posting on the forum!  (not really!  Cool )

Hello Beagle and fellow members!
  Yes this is an exciting site! I'm just learning to navigate my way through and become involved with the forums posted. From what i've been able to grasp so far is it's a good place to grow in your gift and be inspired to not settle but do your best. God bless!

Jordan C. [Image: music.png]
Wow Jordan you said that so perfectly.  "Inspired not to settle but to do your best"  Nailed it Man!!
My name is David Coy,
I'm close to doing the first part. I am quiting my job. My new boss cut my wages $2 an hour. Cut hours to 24-30 a week. And has just been a bully. That said I've been writting Christian songs for about 20 years. Never really sang them in public much. I play guitar, bass, sing on our worship team at Church. Have used a couple of songs for Worship at Church. I have been recording and mixing for about 2 years. I've learned more in the last couple of weeks because of being part of a group online called Home Music Studio 1 (HMS1). Been posting my songs and getting a lot of great advice. I have a recording of my latest mix called "Hallelujah, Our God saves" and also a remix of the song after I made some changes based on the advice they gave me. Here is my soundcloud account, which I started a coulple of weeks ago, which was a big step for me.

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