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Looking For Songwriters Song to BUY for a Christian Pop/Rock band
Hello All,

I am new to this forum but certainly grateful it exists. So cool to see so many willing to do Kingdom work in so many ways.

I am trying to search for new songs "out of the box" for a Christian band I manage, Boldly Broken. BB is a BIG energy Christian Pop/Rock group out of Phoenix, Arizona. The band is made up of 6 God loving unique individuals that have a heart for Jesus and a calling to bring everyone closer to a relationship with our Lord and savior through the music. The guys have been playing together the last 4 years but were called to make it official a year ago thus creating, Boldly Broken.

They are just finishing recording their first single that releases July 30th, but our approach is going to be slightly different given all the changes in the industry. We are going to release singles every other month. We are opening for some Mid-Level artist throughout the remainder of the year and we are looking for alternative ideas. We will pay for the right song or songs. We look forward to contributing back to the forum. Thanks in advance. 

You can connect with me about songs on this forum OR email at

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"Joshua 1:9" - Be Strong & Courageous

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Hi Chris and welcome to CSN! I pray you get what you need to help spread the Good News in your ministry! God bless!
Thanks Beagle! Looking forward to seeing what comes over. We have received a couple messages already.
Not sure what you mean by "Buy" songs.
You can certainly record songs and pay the proper songwriter royalties , you only pay for as much as you use it. whether you sell 100 CDs or a Million.

I have some pop/ rock worship songs that may be of interest

Forever Holy, Stand Before Your Throne, & a blues song Don't Be True (To a Heart that's Cruel)

I'll try to reach you via FB as well


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DFW Christian Songwriters

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