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Only You Can Make Me Shine
Only You Can Make Me Shine

Verse 1

Lord... it makes me happy
All fuzzy inside
To know that the stars in the heavens
Need You to shine
They are a reflection 
Of Your glory and grace
They show that Your love is much sweeter
Than the Milky Way 


All of creation can shine by Your grace
Lord... You are worthy of all praise


Only You
Can make me shine
In the light of day 
In the dark of the night
I trust You Lord
With my life
Only You… only You can make me shine 
Like the stars in the sky

Verse 2

Lord... when I'm lonely
Whenever I'm blue
I can look at the stars to remind me
That Your love is true
Your love is constant
It will never change
You will be there for me Lord
Forever always



Only You can light the stars in the sky
Only You can make them shine in the night 
Only You can make the darkness run and hide
Because Your light is so bright
Lord... only You can make me shine

I assume you will be performing this yourself, so I don't feel that I can make suggestions about how it will sound. It is very difficult for me to critique someone who performs his own music, because it is likely he already has a tune in mind Smile And I am usually waaay off Smile
oh I love this! I love the departure from the cliché religion terms to the real. very nice.
Square Elvis,

I like this for several reason but first because your hook in your hook is supported with exposition in your verses and bridge.  Second I like seeing your hook both at beginning and end of your chorus.

Looking forward to hearing this one.

Really like this. Great job.

God Bless,


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