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Royalties question - to all participants
I'm writing this to the best of my ability as a pure suggestion - without any sort of pressure, but something to think through and I ask you to respond.  First an update: the total royalties received so far for Whetstone is just under $22 dollars. (to be exact, $21.965 and yes those are fractions of a penny, not a comma sorry Smile ) So far I've not asked for a payout from the distributor but have been keeping it as a reserve.

Using the statutory rate for writers and with the 50/50 split with 2ndfork, the most that any one person could receive is $3.15, and that is in the case of one song that sold a little more and had an artist/songwriter who had no other co-writers or band members to split it with.  50 cents is probably about the average for artists, and writers around a dime or so depending. I can write 15 cent checks or whatever if that is what you want, but it would be a little annoying. It gets especially annoying for future quarters as for example the whole album made just under $0.03 in streaming last quarter.

I've always assumed that most of you would like the album to stay up, but the time needed to keep up those kind of micro-payments doesn't seen productive - and is one reason I haven't jumped into a sequel.  

Regardless, It feels wrong to continue to keep it as a reserve at 2ndfork much longer though (I don't want any hint of improper actions) so here is my thought: 

CSN is the place where this started, and (if you are here) this forum has provided some support to all of us on this journey.  Could we decide to donate the proceeds thus far to Reese here at CSN as a minor thank you what he has spent month after month to run the forum?  Again there is no pressure - just a discussion.  We can put a cap on it if you want, saying that as long as total income for the album in any quarter is under $5 dollars, or under $20, or whatever, I'll donate it to CSN? Again - I can't emphasize enough - its just a question with no obligation but I would like to hear from you.

Hi Greg,

I'm totally on board with donating it to CSN.
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?! 

Yes, please, I've been wanting to do something for the site for a long time, & just didn't know what to do. This is perfect!
And thank you, Greg! And all sequel amounts can go to CSN as well Smile
I agree but feel it would make sense to agree to a cap in the event of some extraordinary, if unlikely, circumstance. Say $20
Fine with us. It's a worthy endeavor.
Hey you gave it your best...welcome to the wonderful world of "Music Publishing."
We appreciated the opportunity to contribute as well as the support and assistance across the board.

And thanks for the update I'm sure it was a very frustrating experience for you guys as well.
Marty & Linda
I didn't want to vote myself since it would seem like a conflict of interest, however, Scandalous Grace votes to give proceeds to CSN.
Beagle, I trust you implicitly....or explicitly...whatever that word is.....Smile
(07-01-2017, 01:26 PM)ShannonB Wrote: Beagle, I trust you implicitly....or explicitly...whatever that word is.....Smile

lol, well, thank you Shannon!
Okay - I wanted to give everyone enough time to weigh in if they wanted. I was a little conflicted as I haven't heard from everyone who participated, but I've sent the donation to Beagle using the Donate button on the CSN Homepage. I figure - if anyone objects its not that big of an amount that I would really mind losing, so if you are just now reading this and prefer to receive those royalties personally instead of the donation to CSN. just contact me and will send you a check.

Based on what I'm seeing, I will keep the album up for now and donate any amount in any quarter that is under $5 to CSN. Its in the "cents" at the moment so... I'd like to keep it up at least until we release another.


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