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How to get started?
Hi everyone!  I just joined this forum a few minutes ago.  I have been writing poetry for years and just this week a friend of mine and I worked on putting some of it to music.  Who do I get in contact with to get our stuff out there?  We have some demos and the chords for the songs.
Do you have a Soundcloud or Soundclick account? This website is unable to accept direct downloads at this point, but you are able to share links.
If you post a song, everyone will ask to see your lyrics, so please be sure to post those in "Songs" with your link if the music is already finished. If you want your music listened to but not critiqued, you can put a 0 after the song or no number at all. People sometimes use a 3 if they want a full, honest critique. You may want to tell people when you just want to share a song & don't care for a critique, or you may just get one any way!
Hi nslippey
Welcome to the forum and yes, as Shannon said, use soundclick or sound cloud or any other place where you upload to link us to the song
Always post your lyrics!

I always thought that critiques were expected EXCEPT if you stated you were just sharing, but the forum has made some changes so I may be wrong. (I just went and re-edited one of mine to ask for critiques)
Be sure to critique you peers, at least 3 crit for each you post, that way there is a good flow
Looking forward to your music
ang Smile
Yes, if you post lyrics or songs in the Critique forums, then critiques are expected unless you state you are just sharing them and not looking for critique.

and yes, please offer critiques of 3 other peoples' songs, even if you are a novice and simply state what you like and/or don't like about it. that's still helpful!

welcome to the forum, nslippey! hope you come back often!
I was writing songs for my friends girls who was a singer and played violin and another guy who played piano. So all what we did was send few email with demos, but no one respond. After this we start playing at weddings, church for free to get the sort of advert. Affter this we start getting messages from people who wants us t o sing on their wedding and so on so on. After several months we get message from producer. It wasn't big produce company but we get our chance. Next week we will start recording.

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