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Hi everyone...I have not been much of a visitor here for some time...actually there are a lot of things I have not been able to get to for some time.  I wanted to post the last song I finished to see what you thought of it.  The original, acoustic version had a bit of a doo-wop feel to it, this version not so much.
Ed A

Cities form and crumble
Kings and kingdoms rise and fall
God, You are unchanging
And You see it all.
Watching all of time at once
A million points of light -
Everything that has ever been,
Everything that might.
You are eternal,
Everlasting, stable and sure.
Never ending, now as before.
The star that I can always use
To guide me back to peace,
The firm rock of salvation
Whose mercies do not cease.
From before to ever after
Beginning to complete
You are in all ways God
Father of forever
You and Jesus made it all.
Once You raised the curtain
And You will see it fall.
You’ve seen all of history
The future and the past
God You were before the first
And You will be the last.
You were there in the endless night
God You set the stars alight
You’ll be there when they go out at the end of time.

Lyric and Melody: Ed Albaugh; Production and performance: Matt Osgood / WSR
Beautiful.  Lyrics are refreshing and new saying things I have never heard said, at least not in this conversational and simple.  

Wow...the melody is perfect for your song concept.
This is a really good song, nice melody, good flow. I would like to hear a little more volume on your voice, but all in all very good
I listened a couple of times as though stylistically is not what I normally listen to, I enjoyed none the less....I like how I felt he was going to a second big Chorus and broke it down.

I also listened to your original version and it is always a treat to see where others take our tunes. In the past me performing my version "live" paled in comparison to when I bring others into the fray. I guess this is why I am tracking my own song "I give my life to You" (which I posted on this Forum last week). So I can play it "live".

Of course I cannot play all 40 tracks simultaneously, but you get the picture...And the process is fun, though it does take me quite some time to get it how I like it

Anyways great song, great rendition as well....
Neil, Steve, and Dell,
Thank you for listening and commenting!
Neil...conversational is my lyrical style. I do wish I knew how to write hymn-like lyrics like yours. I have tried to figure out what makes your verses different but can't quite put my finger on it.
Dell...thank you. I wish that was my voice! That is Matt Osgood on vocals and pretty much everything else.
Steve...thanks for listening to the original - I guess that came up on Soundclick after this version? Some of my songs have changed far more than this one which stayed reasonably true to the original. I admire your attempt to do all the tracks on your song. I only play guitar so my ability to flesh out an arrangement is rather hamstrung by my lack of muscianship. I, too, thought that Matt was going to go back to the big sound after the bridge - felt like it was heading there - but then did not. I thought about discussing that choice with him but since he is a much better and more experienced musician than me I decided to listen a couple more times and then decided I liked it that way because it was unexpected. I can't listen to "I Give My Life to You" here at work so I'll give it a try when I get home.
Thanks again everyone!
Hello Ed,
Thanks for posting! This is a very good song! Lyrically and melodically you've done a great job. God bless!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
I love the lyrics!
Listening now

ahh the bridge
soft and sweet
nice touch

very nice
thanks for sharing

Many blessings for your ministry!
ang Smile
Jordan and Angela,
Thank you so much for listening! and for your nice comments....
I keep a notebook with ideas and snippets that occur to me. Found the first two sentences of the chorus in there and I guess the time was right this time because the rest of it just "wrote itself"....glad you liked it!

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