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Hello from San Antonio area
Ihello my names Buddy Lee and I have been writing so long I don't remember ever starting. I write secular Country, folk, Americana but my heat longs to write praise &I worship music. I have some success and written for some great artists but that don't matter. What matters is I love Jesus whole heartedly. I am  Blind United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran who was disabled in Iraq. . I am married to a wonderful woman who loves the Lord. W e 4 fur babies. We love them like real kids. I have all the social media outlet. Whichever is way easier than forums because I use special software
Hi buddy! I'm in Fort Worth! so glad to have you here! I hope the forums are easy to use and navigate with your software, I don't know anything about that or how well it might work for you.

if it works, then jump right in and start putting something up for people to review and get feedback - read what others are doing and offer feedback to them and or ask for others to do some co-writing with you! all of this happens all the time here on the forums!
Hey Buddy,
Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to hearing some of your worship song ideas! Lots of people here are up for collaborating and helping you along as you start writing worship songs!
Andy McCann

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Hi Buddy - welcome to CSN! When you write, do you start with music and a melody, or do the lyrics come first?
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?!

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