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Secular Writer wants to learn write worship
My names Buddy Lee I have written with some of the best secular writers in the business but being a Christian My heats longs to write Christian music. I tried to 10 years ago but never really succeeded. Now I want to do a Christian record. Can anyone help me?
absolutely! welcome Buddy!

my best advice is to start out with something you're interested in doing. then put it in the Lyrics critique forum for people to help you refine it.

you can also request that others help you cowrite something there! cowriting is the best way to learn!

glad to have you here!
Hey Buddy! My best advice would be this...start by seeking the Lord for His inspiration. Maybe this goes without saying ,and I don't want to be too "religious"here...Based on my experience, it all starts there. Sometimes there is more "pick and shovel" work to be done on my part, and other times it seems the songs drops down from Heaven almost all done, and I really have to do very little more than write it down. Hope this helps.
Beyond what Ron has advised....the best way I know is to get your hands dirty, jump in and start doing.
Hello Buddy,
Good and exciting to have you join us! You're at the right place so getting involved and seeing what's happening in the Christian Music Genre will be a healthy place for you. God honors the choices we make when it glorifies Him, edifies the Body of Christ and draws others towards Christ. It's your obedience God is looking for so we will do our best too ecourage you and pray for you. God bless!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
I think you can write strong positive godly songs without even mentioning Jesus.
Conversely, there are some Jesus songs that just lay there and inspire very little.
Pray, meditate over truths that you want to convey and write them down, even if its just one line.
Eventually things will flow, but be persistent, and faithful to truth

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