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What Makes You Holy
This song has a "hymn" feel to it.  The chorus is actually a modernized version of my favorite hymn Holy Holy Holy.  I hope that it is catchy and easy to sing.  If ya'll like the song, do you think it needs a second verse?  Let me know. Thanks!

What Makes You Holy

 Verse 1
What makes You mighty, the stars that You made
What makes You worthy, my debt that You paid
What makes You sovereign, the earth that You reign
What makes You Holy, is simply Your name

Holy, Holy,
Lord God Almighty, Holy
Early in the morning, my song to You shall rise
Holy, God of mercy, God of might
Father, Spirits, Son, altogether one
Holy are You Lord

Holy, Holy, Holy
Hi Noah,

Very nice age 24, I must say you may have enough years to be used for substantial Kingdom work...fields are white!

...I do not think another verse is has suitable length and a variety of melodic changes throughout.

You have something really original here and I can see you have worked very hard on it.

My comments are usually old school and off target but here's my thoughts.....Bottom Line: every word in your song has to point to the chorus as the focal  point to answer the question or make the has to drive home the point clearly, simply and repetitively.

If I were writing this song my approach would have been to answer the question....

What makes You holy? Is found in Your name.

Then I would use the chorus to answer the main question / drive home the key point is  a chorus  should in every  song...

Your chorus is all true...but does not answer the  mail....If you say iit is God's name that makes Him holy...then how does God's name make him holy?

Holy, Holy,
Lord God Almighty, Holy.............You are the only great  I AM, Your name is Love, Your name is mercy....etc.
Early in the morning, my song to You shall rise....Your name is  Truth  / Elohim  / Adonai / Jehovah
Holy, God of mercy, God of might.........You are Lord of All
Father, Spirits, Son, altogether one....You are  the great Yahweh
Holy are You Lord  Holy (hallowed) be (is)  Your Name

Keep or sweep my comments....I think you have a great song here. I pray that the Lord will put your talents to great use in His Kingdom's work .  Neil
Hello Noah,
I really like the song! You have the beginnings of a beautiful song. I would encourage you to consider another one or possibly two. Yes it may be a challenge but scripture is full of inspiring material to write about the greatness of God. You have a very gifted way of painting word pictures as seen in the 1st verse try to continue in that vein. You may want to consider some editing in the chorus but I wouldn't change the theme you've initiated. A couple of the lines in the chorus feel a bit forced but it contains a great message. All God's best as you continue with this song. God bless!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."

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