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For Even Me
I wrote this song watching "Madea Goes To Jail" the play, and there was a part in the play where the jailer was ministering to a teenage girl and told her how much Jesus Loved her and gave his life for her, and she said "You mean, Jesus love even me?" I hope it blesses...

For Even Me

Lord You know I've done, some things in my past,
I'm not so proud of, so forgiveness I did ask.
The bible says that you, hear each and every prayer,
the sacrifice you made for me, shows me you really care.

For even me, my sins they had me bound,
even me, I want to stand on Holy Ground.
For even me, your grace has set me free,
I want heaven to be my destiny,
Lord I know you have a love for even me.

I've got loved ones, who've gone on before,
will I see them, when I walk on heaven's shore.
But Lord most of all, I want to see your face,
for it's by your love that I am saved, and by your amazing grace.

Repeat Chorus:

The bible says you see, a little sparrow when it falls,
I know you've had your hand on me, you are the Lord of all.

Repeat Chorus:
Hi Ronnie,
I like it, but the second verse doesn't seem to be leading to the chorus.

Keep refining your craft just as Jesus refines us.
Hello Ronnie,
I like this song! It has a very sober feel that draws me into the story and the good news to someone with regret & remorse over the past. I used to play in a band that did prison ministry for maximum security prisons and this type of theme was so prevalent in our songs and well received by those seeking redemption. Thanks for posting and a nice video. God bless!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
Nice video and song. Well done!
Andy McCann

Worship Songwriter - God of this City (Chris Tomlin)
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                               We Wait For You (Me!

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I love the chorus. Grateful song. And beautiful guitar!

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