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Only One Man
This is one of the few songs I've written that doesn't sing directly to God.  It's more of a "radio" song.

I'm not great with audio recording/mixing.  I recorded several layers within my keyboard and exported.  And yes, this is not the best quality- there are errors and off notes and such.  But I wanted to throw together what I envision the song to sound like.


Only One Man

How could I make it right
A sinful life of pride
Too much weight, could not escape
The sorrows of this life

He's the answer for our sins
The hope of every man
The light of the world
Dying on the cross
His blood poured out for us
That we might believe
...we might receive
...we might live
Live again

Trying to please the world
I knew I could not win
Nothing I could think or do
Could shake the weight within

Atonement for our sins
Undeserved grace still given
Only one answer
Only one man
Great words, I can feel the understanding of Christ in your lyrics. keep up the great work my friend. I'm the old guy writer, singer, piano guy, and I can hear the song. keep on going and most importantly love the lord with all your heart.

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