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He's in Control
there was thunder on my horizon, 
as the rain was coming down,
and the wind was blowing so harshly, 
as lightning was all around,
but i don't fear what i see, 
cause deep inside I know,
no matter what comes my way, 
the masters in control
he's in control.........
when things in life get low....
he's in control......
no matter where I go...
He's in control...
I was lost on the desert
with my way i didn't know
and i was lost upon the blizzards,
where i couldn't see for snow, 
but i met a good friend, 
and he is there for me, 
and no matter where i go in life,
i know that he will be, (chorus)    

®  2001- revised 2016
I would drop the "so" in the 3rd line. I like the 1st Verse. Not a fan of the first half of the 2nd verse. It just doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the song. Good Chorus. Depending on the melody, the chorus could even expand a few more lines. Good job.
Hi marlin
I can really identify with someone who wrote something in 2001 and is fixing it 15 years later! Smile
I'm doing that myself

any way,
love the topic, love the chorus

2nd verse first part is weak
thinking the introduction of deserts and blizzards does not strengthen your case

why not rewrite those first 4 lines
the second half is a keeper

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