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Faithfullness Rescues Me

Here is the most recent song I have written, a couple of weeks ago.

I recorded this using Logic Pro.  I am not a vocalist so these are definitely scratch vocals, but hopefully the idea is there.

Thanks for your feedback

Brett Elms
Nice work Brett! I think you have a great concept here and a lovely melody!
Andy McCann

Worship Songwriter - God of this City (Chris Tomlin)
                               King of Love (Robin Mark)
                               You Said (Robin Mark)
                               We Wait For You (Me! https://www.facebook.com/andymccannmusic...153282599/)

Producer - http://www.aprilaudio.com - Bring Your Worship Song To Life. Full Band Productions. Demos.
Hello Brett,

I like the melody line and lyrics from what I hear.

You are off to a great start Smile

Nice song. Nice message. The last line of the second Verse seems a bit of a stretch for me, it justo sounds out of place. "If I can't struggle across"?
But beautiful piano melody.

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