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Stumbled upon this group in the internet, glad to be here and share music with other Christ-lovers. 

I write songs in my free time, and would love to collaborate with other writers and performers (I'm not a performer myself). 

Some samples of my very raw music, just recorded live using an iPhone:



Blessings to you guys, 

Welcome to CSN, Jennifer.
welcome Jennifer! I hope you come back often and visit some of our other subforums where you can listen to others' music and comment on it and they could do the same for yours!

God bless!
Interesting music - looking forward to hearing some more!
Andy McCann

Worship Songwriter - God of this City (Chris Tomlin)
                               King of Love (Robin Mark)
                               You Said (Robin Mark)
                               We Wait For You (Me! https://www.facebook.com/andymccannmusic...153282599/)

Producer - http://www.aprilaudio.com - Bring Your Worship Song To Life. Full Band Productions. Demos.

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