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Light Up The Darkness
Hello all,

Here are the lyrics and SoundCloud link for our new song: Light Up The Darkness



Light up the darkness 

Go show them your light 

So light up the darkness 

And make it shine bright 

Light up the darkness 

Oh run shadows run 

So chase out the darkness 

As Jesus has done 

Just as Je-sus has done 




They live in the darkness and don't see the light 

They struggle to be nice and then curse and fight 

The world has it's troubles but look in the mirror 

And tell me what you see shows Jesus in here 




They yell, scream and protest then riot the streets 

They argue and curse even at the police 

We see in the news all the things they have done 
But what were your actions to show them the Son 

And oh, gotta let your light shine out 
Gotta let your light shine out for all to se-e
I love the lyrics.  Very relevant in today's society.  I'm not a fan of the way it starts out.  In my opinion it seems generic or maybe amateur at first.  But a great message!

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