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Greg Wilson from Kansas
Hey guys,

My name's Greg Wilson and I'm a Christian/Messianic singer-songwriter (artist name = Bought With A Price) -  residing in Wichita, KS.  You can check out my music
if you'd like at  I enjoy setting scripture to music, including Hebrew scripture, and a little Greek.

I seek for my music to adequately express the text, and glorify the truth.

I starting writing songs in high school, and am 26 now.

Would be nice to make some connections on here.

God bless,

Greg Wilson
Welcome Greg Wilsom from Kansas! Glad to have you here! I hope you'll come around often and make some connections with our family! make sure and stop by the critique forums, that's where most members hang out and help each other by offering comments about each others' songs!

glad you're here!
Welcome to CSN Greg! Great to have you join us! You'll find the more you become involved it increases the contacts your hoping to link up with. There are a lot of gifted, encouraging individuals here. God bless you!
"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
Welcome to CSN, Greg.

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