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Hello everyone, My name is Susan, but I like to be called Susie! I have been a christian songwritter since
2000, I also sing and write poetry and I have published a autobiography book in 2011, now out of print
temporaly until I find a another publisher...
I am looking forward to making new friends here, and learning about music... I am seeking sponsors who can
help me with getting my 1st CD cut... I have written over 25 or more songs since 2000 and would like to
get them out to the public, just for the Glory of God, and if He wishes to bless me with more, I will be happy too!
 Thank you, for welcomig me here...  Wink
Hi Susie!

Looking forward to hearing some of your songs!
Andy McCann

Worship Songwriter - God of this City (Chris Tomlin)
                               King of Love (Robin Mark)
                               You Said (Robin Mark)
                               We Wait For You (Me!

Producer - - Bring Your Worship Song To Life. Full Band Productions. Demos.
Hello Susie,
Glad to have you with us! It is good to see your ambition to share about God through song. I pray that He'll open on the path He's leading you. God bless!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
Welcome Susie! glad to have you here with us! hope you'll continue to post with us often and we look forward to getting to know you and your music!
Welcome Susan!

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