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Shout to the Lord All the Earth (Psalm 100)
 ALL:  Here's one that can use the benefit of your recommendations and proposed edits ...it is intended as a congregational hymn   CVCVCVC ......Thank you!  Neil

See far below for latest version for critique and recommendations.......short Psalm...short song....Thanks,  Neil

Make A Joyful Noise (Psalm 100)


Make a joyful noise to the Lord
Sing out for all He’s worth

His love endures forever
So shout O all the earth!

Verse 1:

Let’s serve Lord Jehovah in gladness
Come into His presence in song
Jehovah God has made us
We're sheep and to Him we belong


Verse 2:

Come, enter His gates with your praises
Give thanks to Jehovah's name
His faithfulness continues
To each generation the same.
I love it. I would personally drop "Jehovah" from the first line of Verse 1. It makes the words on the line fit better and makes Jehova on the third line more special. Add the before Lord. "Let's serve the Lord in gladness." Chorus is sweet and simple! You should totally write a few more verses!
Noah, thanks...here's another version...stressed syllables shown as "bold"

Shout to the Lord All the Earth
Composed by: Daniel Simmons
Lyrics: Neil sleevi

O shout to the Lord all the earth
Bring forth your joyful songs
Come worship Him with gla--adness   (“glad” held two notes)
All our praise to Him belongs

Verse 1

The Lord is God, who ma-ade us    (“made” held two notes)
We’re sheep and in His hand
We're people of His pastures
Rejoice O all you lands.


Verse 2

Come through His gates with thankfulness
Into His courts with praise
Extol the Lord and bless His name.
With grateful voices raised


Verse 3

The Lord is good; His love endures
His mercy never ends
To every generation
His faithfulness extends


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