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Free Vocal Tuning
Hey All,

I've really been enjoying being part of this group of Christian Songwriters. I think it's a great community. I am a member of a few other songwriting forums but I always come back here as its Christian music that is my passion.

I wanted to give you all a bit of an offer. I just updated my pitch correction software and I thought I would offer to do some free vocal pitch correction for some people. Here's the deal - if you are working on some demos of your song then feel free to send me the vocal track as a .wav or .aif and I will do some work on your pitch and send you back the finished track. Now, this is only really useful if you are working on a decent demo i.e., your recording tracks seperatley and putting a little effort into the instrumentation and the mix. It's not really for low quality recordings of your songs....

If you want to get in touch then please contact me through my website - I'm one of the sponsors of the site and my April Audio banner is up at the top of the screen. Just use the contact form and you can also uplaod tracks there or send me the link to download your vocal track. I will keep this offer up until enough people take advantage of it.

Thanks guys!
Andy McCann

Worship Songwriter - God of this City (Chris Tomlin)
                               King of Love (Robin Mark)
                               You Said (Robin Mark)
                               We Wait For You (Me!

Producer - - Bring Your Worship Song To Life. Full Band Productions. Demos.
Awesome offer for our members, Andy! thanks!

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