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Merry Christmas 2016!
Merry Christmas everyone!  I pray you and your family have a wonderful time in the celebration of our Lord's birth!

God bless!
Merry Christmas Beagle and to everyone else and may God bless each of you.I'm having to use HeisLord now instead of 4HisGlory because when I tried to pull up this site one night about a month ago a whole new looking site come up with these really great pictures and stuff but when I tried to log in it said I needed to register because it was anew site but when I tried it said the site wasn't fully operational yet.So the next night I clicked on the icon that brings this site up and instead of the new site from the night before it brought this format up and when I tried to log in with 4HisGlory it would say I was logged in but when it brought me backto the forum page it showed I wasn't.So after about a week of trying to log in unsuccessfully I opted to register again under HeisLord and after a couple of days trying to use it I finally was allowed in.I really liked 4HisGlory better but I'm not computer savvy enough to try and fix it.Thought I'd mention this so people would know who it is when they see the different username.Again Merry Christmas to all and God bless you.Chris
Chris - I was having problems with the forum a few weeks ago which I believe are all sorted out. your account for user name 4HisGlory is still active on this forum and you should be able to sign in. I can reset your password if you need that. just let me know.
Beagle,I tried to change the password for 4HisGlory using the ones the computer gave me but it still wouldn't let me in.Before I tried that I tried logging in using HeisLord and that password but it wouldn't let in with either one.Thats when I tried resetting password for 4HisGlory with no luck then tried HeisLord and it let me in so I could write this.If you can reset it for me where I can use 4HisGlory again I'd sure appreciate it.Thanks,Chris
Chris - I reset your password. check your PM for the password you need to log in with for the user name 4HisGlory

you'll need to change your password to something you can remember after you've logged in.
Beagle,I logged out from using HeisLord then tried to login using 4HisGlory and the password you gave me but it comes up that there is an error and ask me to login and do the weird letter thing at the bottom that says case insensitive and when I do that it still comes up as an error.Maybe it's in my computer since when I try to login it shows both usernames and passwords in the memory.when I click on HeisLord it lets me login but not with the other.There is one thing that is strange though since this first started doing this and that is when I use to click on my little memory icon for the forum it use to pull up the forum and I could go into whatever part of it I wanted without logging in but couldn't reply to anyone unless I did login.Now when I click on my icon it brings up the page that tells me the list of reasons why I couldn't reply and that offers the spaces to login.No matter even if I type in it still brings up the page with the list and tells me to login.A couple of times it has brought up the page that tells about the site and has the place to click on to bring up the forum but it brings up that list and tells me to log in.I may have to stay with HeisLord but it's frustrating to have to login overtime just to check the forum for a second. Thanks for helping me and if you can fix it I appreciate it.Chris
try clearing out your cookies and browser history and passwords in your browser.

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