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Scandalous Grace - the album release!
On Saturday, December 10, 2016, Scandalous Grace - self titled album will be released in the digital realm at iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and dozens of other digital venues!

it will be available for purchase for $9.99 for the album and around 99¢ (each distributor might charge slightly different pricing).  The album has 13 songs, 12 of which were written by members of this forum and reviewed and made better by comments and critiques written by you guys!

I'll post some links to the album on some of the top digital distributors as soon as it's released!  thank you all for your participation in our album!

Scandalous Grace © 2016 (p) 2016
1) Here                    © Sean Peifer
2) Broken Heart       © Michael Hanson
3) I'm Going Home  © Reece Bain & Philip Quintas
4) Love Is                © Michael Hanson
5) I Believe              © Michael Hanson
6) Sound of the Spirit © Reece Bain
7) Some Day            © Sean Peifer
8) This Side of Forever © Sean Peifer
9) Hallelujah to the King © Reece Bain
10) Hanging by a Thread © Michael Hanson
11) Less of a Mess © Sean Peifer
12) Beautiful © Reece Bain
13) Are You Washed © Scandalous Grace

Acknowledgements to: Beverly Bain (BGVs), Kristi Peifer (BGVs), Kendra Kaneversky Plowman (flute)
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