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Forum website problems!
I've been having problems with the forum lately - a lot of people have not been able to log in!  Hopefully it's fixed now and hopefully we'll start having more participation!
I can log in, but there's no option to start a new thread ...
the post above about forum problems was 2 years ago, there are no known problems at this time.

however, if you're trying to post a new thread in THIS subforum (Announcements) you're not allowed, only moderators can post new topics in the announcements forum. you should be able to post new threads in most of the other forums, tho, such as the song and lyric critique forums, the "Hello my name is", General Discussion, Music Business Discussion, etc forums.
So far so good, I was able to sign in.

Hey do you fix cars too?

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
That would be a big fat "NOOOO"!! LOL

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