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How do I get this music out to be heard
Me and some friends of mine have made our own cd the bands name is somethewiser it's actually a 14 track we are looking to try and get this music out there as of now there are only 3 of us left here 2 have went home we all met in a Christian based rehab called foa in flora ms.the lead guitarist actually married my mom the main singer Scott Peterson is still my best friend and Tim Reeves is my step father haha bill Mitchell passed he was our bass big Mike Pearson passed he was a nother guitarist Tim also did our drums and Rob crowson Tht is the link to listen we really did a good Job and would like the chance to just let it be heard thanks for your time reading and hopefully listening to our testimony my personal favorite is a song called sigh of relief this is all copyright and all done by us a Volvo stereo a boss br 1200 12 track recorder and a mono pa in a old chapel it's more twards the rock side but not heavy rock thanks
Hello and welcome to CSN Jeremy! I will listen to your music later. There are some very encouraging artists here on the site with insight as to how to take the next step in regards to your music. God bless you!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
Hi Jeremy

I have found CDBaby         digital distribution as a great way to get my music "out there". They run sales often, and they just had a good one. I am sure there will be another soon. You pay a one time fee, not yearly like some other companies, and they will distribute your music to lots of places, including iTunes, Spotify, Google music, Apple, etc. Are you registered with a pro? ASCAP, BMI? I get monies from each play from CD Baby, as ARTIST. I get monies from ASCAP as WRITER and as PUBLISHER. I get monies from SoundExchange for  internet radio -PANDORA. NOT alot of money - but the music is being heard. That's my goal. If you send in your actual CD, you can sell it also on CD Baby and AMAZON.

There are other places that will play your music for free and you get no monies, but the music does get heard.
Lots of places............ Indie Gospel Radio  --  
Godly Christian Music ---
I have over 24,000 downloads just on that site! It's nice to know the music is being heard!

So spread the GOOD NEWS of JESUS! Bless others and be blessed!

ang Smile
awesome response and helpful info, Ang!

Jeremy - ang has given you several options for getting your music out. I also would suggest that you need to know your final goals. if you goal is to simply get your music heard, but not worry about getting paid, then there are a lot of venues you can work on to do that like the ones angie has pointed out above.

she also pointed out some which you will need to use if you want payment. the more you get your music heard, the more money will be paid. however, it takes a LOT of plays and downloads and other things to get any real money from your songs. and that takes a LOT of work which a lot of the big artists (MOST actually) use a Publisher to deal with those things. however, a publisher is not cheap. they usually take a big percentage of the royalties and copyright for themselves.
Or we could just talk Greg into another compilation CD Smile
Has anyone used It sounds like a good deal but I can't speak from experience.
(12-13-2016, 02:49 AM)Jesse Ray Wrote: Has anyone used It sounds like a good deal but I can't speak from experience.

I had never heard of distrokid.  it looks pretty similar to the one I used for our latest album release (out on iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and many others now).  I used Symphonic Distributors.

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