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Looking for opinion
My wife and I have written a number of christian songs and 2 of my girls and I have self produced a cd in our basement on which is one original song.
CD was fully licensed but we have purposely used solely as gospel give away. CD is titled Rescued and our song is Ballad of Bethsaida. We have written a number of others and would seek a venue for professionals to record our music.
We do have website from which Rescued recordings can be downloaded  http://www.desrosiersmusic.com
Would be pleased to have our song Ballad of Bethsaida critiqued.
Hi Rod, and welcome to CSN! very glad to have you here!

CSN is a peer forum - if you're wanting critique of your original song, I'd encourage you to post a thread in the SONG CRITIQUE forum, include a link directly to the song you're wanting to have critiqued and I'd also encourage you to include the lyrics in the post.

from the main forum page, just scroll down a little from this "hello my name is" forum and find the Song Critique forum to post a song in for review.

we also encourage you to critique other peoples' original songs since this is a peer forum.

and again - welcome to the forum! we wish you well and hope you come by often!
Can anyone recommend a publisher that could be approached?

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