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hello my name is: DESTROYER OF CUPCAKES!!!
welcome turtle
thank you all  Heart

it's hard to believe, my intro thread reached it's second page!

sometimes when I'm out there destroying pastry, I wonder if it's worth it 

but now that I'm moderately well known and slightly popular, it is worth it 

see ShannonB, if you had intro-ed you could be as moderately popular and slightly well known too, (sad really, but fame isn't for everyone  Dodgy )

this is the kind of thing that could go to my head, but I'm staying humble, I'm going to carry on talking to the little people  Cool 

but I will be making t-shirts, it can't be helped  Blush 

awesome welcoming!!!
bulah bulah sis boom YAY!!!

I'm done now  Sleepy
Oops, my bad! Guess I'll have to remain anonymous & terribly anti-social Smile Congratulations Cupcake. I only ever got to p2 with comments on my songs,& I could be making that up Smile

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