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I need some advice & thought I'd start here for fun.
Have any of you ever sent your lyrics to one of those free monthly contests? Once or twice they have told me a lyric wasn't good enough to win the contest, but they still wanted to do the demo for me. Well of course they still want to do the demo if I'm paying for it, right?!
This time they sent a publishing contract with the option of using my melody (which they haven't even heard yet) or with a new melody that they write. 
So, my question; does this sound legit, or does it sound like they're drawing me in so I'll pay for a demo?
Hi Shannon,

I think it is the latter, but I am no expert.
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?!
I tend to agree. I'll call tomorrow & get some answers. I suppose there's a fine line between legit & legal. The human part of me so badly wants to expose this but doesn't know how. I was also told a long time ago never to trust a business that doesn't have a physical address. So P.O boxes are bad Smile
Thanks Damp!
sounds like they want to lure you in to pay for a demo..............

there are many reputable places to have a demo done

make sure your song is the best it can be before proceeding

have you looked into home recording?
Yes, Angela, & very expensive demos at that! No, haven't thought much about home recording. Maybe I would if I played an instrument, but my producer does a great job!
while I am reluctant to say automatically it's just a way to get your money without looking at the deal itself or knowing the reputation of the company wanting to provide this demo for you, it does still smell like a fishing lure!

I would be very reluctant myself to send them any money.
How do you guys feel about contests? Are they a waste of money? I have never tried this route before, but I am considering entering one in Nov. & one in Dec. I might consider one in October if I can't get my band into the studio before Oct 31. I try not to do more than one thing at a time that costs money. So for Aug & Sept I won't do anything because I'm already in the studio. How do you guys control how much money you spend on music? Is there a method to your madness?
Also, I am having difficulties making changes on my BMI registered works. I tried to go back & add the artist who performed one of my songs. Can't figure out how. I tried to register a co-write, but it keeps saying it is being processed. Anyone have experience with online PRO use?
I'm not really against contests which require you to pay them money, but the competition is high and winning anything is low odds, IMO, so I don't do them.

how do I control how much money I spend on music? I don't have any limits exactly, I just keep my spending limited when my credit gets too high, but that includes more than just music related costs - that also includes house maintenance and improvements, vehicle repairs, maintenance and car payments if I've financed a vehicle. so my whole "spending budget" is where I limit things.

I can't help you with BMI, I'm not a member there. maybe someone else can weigh in on that.

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