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Hey everybody!  I felt like posting another "Shannon is a lunatic" story!
So I went back to the studio today after taking the month of July off. The whole first hour was horrendous. There was this one harmony line that I could not get. Of course me being who I am I said, " I Have a Dream" is turning into a nightmare. You guys thought I was brutal here; I turned into a caged monster today. Ok, so I like to embellish Smile
Anyway, I came out of the booth,  & we started talking about changing direction. He sat there & listened to some of my songs. When he came to "Your Healing is On the Way", he said,  "I think I know a guy that might like to record this. He likes bluesy music & he plays guitar. " I got really excited! 
So remember a while back I said I thought my problem was that I didn't want to be a solo artist. Well,  I think I finally confirmed that today, & from now on I will be in the studio as a songwriter rather than an artist. I am very much looking forward to this change. I hope that I can finish strong. I even confessed to the producer, "I am a strong starter,  but not a strong finisher."
I will keep everyone updated,  or at the very least entertained! Smile I encourage you all to do the same. Share your crazy stories of success, failure, & change of direction! It just might help someone grow! Smile
it's awesome when God reveals things to us like that! I'm happy for you that you are going in a direction you want to go!

God bless you Shannon!
Thanks for posting this Shannon and for the entertaining way you share things. I pray that God will continue to give you guidance wit the peace that confirms He's hand is in it. God bless!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
I get to meet my collaborator on Friday! Praying for some guy named Nate. Let's hope he's as patient as some guy named Madik! Ha! Bet you all thought I was gonna say Job! Wink

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