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Lyricist Available
Hello Everyone,

If you are looking for a lyricist, I would love to see if I can collaborate with you or your band on a regular basis.  General I get a baseline melody along with the lyrics, but if someone provides the melody I can come up with matiching lyrics also.   I am a member of ASCAP.  I have been told my style is R&B/Soul, and I also love writing Christian, Spiritual music as well.  If you would like to see samples of my lyrics, even to consider licensing them, please go to: My Writer's Network Page.  You can also see feedback on my work.

Thank You.

Also anyone know how I upload my photo on here? lool.

to upload a photo, go to your USER CP in the upper left hand corner of the page. then on the left about the middle way down, choose CHANGE AVATAR, then choose the file or the URL where the photo is and click on CHANGE AVATAR button below that.

great to have you here!
Blessed new year,

On the other-melodies available.
I do Praise&Worship.
I have a number of melodies, anyone with lyrics looking for a matching melody?
Contact me email

I can also offer to modify the lyrics to match the melody, complete a song.


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