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I am 43 years now from having met my Lord Jesus. He changed my life when I met him and gave me a commission to proclaim my faith. I met Jesus in and through the Catholic Church in a vibrant community of believers who reached out and embraced me when I looked more like a hippie than a Catholic. It was great. I have continued in my personal relationship with Jesus since then and have had many experiences in which I was touched by the hand and voice of God.

     My wife and I live in Ontario NY where we recently built our retirement home. Our two kids are on their own and raising their own families. We are both retired from our "Day" jobs, and spend our time volunteering in our Parish Church, her in the Charity outreach center, and I in the Music ministry, and a leader in our parish men's group, where we have recently decided to proclaim the Gospel to our small membership. I taught myself to play guitar when I had first come to the Lord, and have held various positions in Church as an amateur musician and singer. I am now a cantor and I play in the contemporary ensemble.

    While I have desired to write songs since I was a child, I didn't really do it until I retired in 2004. Writing songs for me had become an expression of my personal commission, "Before all manner of men proclaim your faith". That quote was what I heard form our Lord when I asked him what he wanted me to do, 43 years ago. Now I use two software programs to chart and record my songs, Finale, for charting, and Ableton Live Light, for recording.

    My experience is that I feel inspired by the Holy Spirit with melodies and text, that I hear in my heart, but getting them down in a usable form has been a struggle for me. I have experimented with the software and that has been helpful, but there are still many stumbling blocks I need to work around, like how to navigate through charts with understanding how to make endings and repeats in the music. The software tells how to insert the symbols but What I lack is an understanding of which symbols are best to employ.

   Which brings me to why I chose to join this forum. I hope to learn some things about charting and recording and to share some of my songs for critique and advice. I look forward to hearing from anyone who might have had a similar experience and maybe some advice about resources for music navigation. Will Trout
Hello Will,
Good to have you join the site! We look forward to hearing your music and with so many members that are gifted in the craft of writing and recording I'm sure it will help too get you where God wants you. God bless!

Hello Will, Nice to meet you. I recently rejoined after a long absence. I know there are lots of good people and info here. God bless your endeavors as you write for Him.
Great to have you here, Will!
great to have here WillTrout

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