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Contracts for Real
(06-05-2016, 11:15 AM)gdball Wrote: Hey Reece,

No worries. The way that you have "Here" is cool. For the other, Steve would be the licensor though, not the artist.


Ok, just to be clear - the one for Steve and Neil I have them swapped?  so they should be like this:

1. Title of the Record:
(1) Artist:  Steve Altonian
(2) Title:  "Lord of Glory, Lord of All"

2. The Master:
(1) Artist:  Neil Sleevi 
(2) Title:  "Lord of Glory, Lord of All"
Hi Greg....could this work for Lord of Glory lord of All......I think the four of us would be o.k. with this....

Paragraph 5 (e)

revised as follows: Royalties in respect of sales of records outside the United States shall be computed in the same national currency as Company is accounted to by its licensees and shall be paid to Artist  Licensor at the same rate of exchange as Company is paid.

1. Title of the Record:
(1)  Artist:    ____Steve Altonian____________________________
(2)  Title:     _____Lord of Glory Lord of All________________
2. The Master:
(1)  Licensor:    _________Neil Sleevi_______________________
(2)  Title:     _________Lord of Glory Lord of All_______________________


6. Royalty: Fifty Percent (50%) (to be split equally by Licensor four ways: Licensor, Steve Altonian, Reece Bain and Shannon Bannister)
Yes sir, Neil I think you've got it exactly as you want it.
Hello Greg,
I sent this off today. I also included the "Split Sheet" in the same envelope. Thanks & God bless!

Hi. I get what you're saying about Jamie (as she's only 17) - I'll come to an arrangement with her - that's no problem. However, could you please advise on the contract. Under 'Title of the Record' - 'Artist', can I state Jamie, or will that affect the issue of section 2A? Presumably the 'Artist' under 'The Master' will be my name.
Thanks for your help.
(06-02-2016, 12:51 PM)gdball Wrote: Contracts revisited (and for real this time, not an example)

First I want to draw your attention (Graham especially) to paragraph 2. (a) which says in part that Licensor (that's you, the owners of a master recording) "... shall be solely responsible for all payments and remuneration of any due the artist, producers, and all other parties having rights in or entitlements to the Masters..."

There has NOT been a change in that paragraph, I just want to point out its utility.  It means, in Graham's case for example where his daughter is underage, that we're sidestepping a thorny problem by saying that Graham as the recording owner is responsible for anything due his daughter as the artist.  As otherwise we can't make contracts with minors.  Make sense Graham? Also perhaps that will be useful in some other cases if a band or other collaboration want to represent themselves to Secondfork with a single owner/point of contact desingated to receive royalties, which are then split among the "other parties having rights in or entitlements to the Masters..."  Not saying you have to, just giving you options. 

The term that has changed is the hold back period. A certain artist made a request (in this case) to change the hold back period for their song.  Though I am wary of setting precidents,  it seemed reasonable in the case of this album (and perhaps this is the only time I will do this)  But if I did so, I decided on reflection not to treat that artist any differently.  So.… the hold back period has been reduced to one month. 


In a final change that I will possibly regret, I am asking for the sake of time and efficiency that, instead of me sending out personalized copies to each artist, that you each make a copy of the updated /attached file, fill in your personal information and snail mail it back to me at:

Secondfork Records ATTN; Greg Ball
1237 Hayden,
Savannah TX 76117  
(USA to those few that need to specify that)

Hi.  Could you please advise me what to put in section 8, where it says STATE.  Should I be replacing this with something else?
Please use Texas Graham..
And most definitly - list Jamie as the artist Smile The album is Whetstone, Iron and Oak.

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