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Update 05/06 12 songs are up
In the usual place, of http://www.secondforkrecords.com and click sample music from the menu.

I'm far from finished with some (Especially "Good to Me" FYI) But if I waited until I was happy, you'd be waiting a bit longer and so...  Smile Any comments are always welcome.

I haven't heard from Terrance on "Burn", so its looking like this will be all of the songs.
Hi Greg,

I gave "Saviour..." a number of listens. Because I don't have much (or any) skill in mixing and engineering, I gave you raw unmixed tracks. I am flat out mystified by the way you mixed this song. The snare is virtually inaudible and that is never good - the tom fills sound ridiculous because the snare hits are not properly audible. My understanding is that the snare level should be just below the volume of the lead vocal. The electric guitar parts are WAY out front, drowning out both the lead and backing vocals. Things sound distorted and (for lack of a more technical term) messy.

On the plus side, the active panning is very cool!

Here are the same tracks very roughly mixed, but with nothing important buried:

I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?! 

Greg - I'm going to send you some mix and performance critiques via PM.
Greg,I am in no way qualified to make any suggestions and they be the"right" ones that a professional engineer might make.So that being said I can only tell you what I think by the impression I get when I listen to the recording.First off I apologize that the tracks I gave you were just me trying to play it the best I could.But when I first heard it I have to be honest I was surprised that it sounded so well.The way you have the drums come in after the beginning I really like and the way you bring the distorted guitar out on the riff and then fade back in the mix is great.I would love to hear what you could do with it if you had pro's playing the parts instead of what I did.If I have any questions I guess one would be is the drummer using the bass pedal at all?I couldn't make it out if he was and just wondered if it might give the mix a little more body.Thats about all I can think of for now.Thank you for taking the time to do the project and thank you for the extra time you took on getting a real drummer for my song.It sounds better than those loops I was using.I've only listened to it four or five times so I'll give it a few more listens and let you know if I think of anything.Chris
Hello Greg,
I was listenig to everyone's songs and things are really sounding great. In regards to my song You've done some amazing EQ work. Vocals sound clear and the guitar sounds cool. I know that there is still some things too tighten up but I've given you creative licence to do what you think sounds best and what would best fit with this project. I know you're not finished with it so I'm exited too see where you take it. Thanks and God bless!

Hi. Just wanted to say how good things are sounding. Please be as creative with the mix as you feel is necessary for this project. Can't wait to hear the final results.
Sorry for the delay in answering. Knowing that I had to be in Atlanta was part of the reason I dropped roughs. Which is a term I should maybe subtitle as "files with issues I know about, some others I haven't caught yet, and things I realize that I broke but I wanted to see your reaction - and always everything you react to (or don't) is important information. "

So I'm not asking anyone to sign off on anything yet.

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