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Update as of April 10th
Six new song drafts are up at (click Music Samples on the menu)

You Have Called Me
Good to Me
Lord Lift Me Up
Our Lord's Prayer

As always, drafts are just that as far as changes.  Since we're doing this as a shared project, I'd like to share most feedback too. I have fairly tough skin - or at least, it ought to be given what it gets subjected too. Smile One of the gotcha's of this project is not having spent the kind of conversation and pre-production that helps me know how each of you think. Which raises the odds of delivering something to you that you REALLY don't like.  Sorry about that.

Two songs have dropped out - Sarah Noll asked to bow out for time and personal reasons, though she still has one here that she co-wrote. One because there was a problem getting sample clearances.
Man, those are sounding great, IMO! What wonderful talent and blessings we have here!
There’s some great instrumentation going on here!  It’s all starting to sound really sharp! 
I like the intro to Our Lord’s Prayer especially.  The choice of instrument with the effect when it comes in is really nice.
Question about Good to Me – is that a different drum track/take?
I think my favorite song is Stand.  I smiled when I heard it, and smiled throughout the song.  Besides liking the writing and the style, I think this is the one where the vocal and the instrumentation most closely match – meaning they are in sync with movement, style and tone.  Really nice vocals – a supported sound with a nice quality and good vowel formation.  No pitch issues.  I also like where the melody goes.  Thanks for this one!
Would the writer and or producer consider a secondary vocal line for "stand" in the 2nd and third choruses? I'm really feeling a strong connection to one and (I hope without being presumptuous) would love to demo what I'm hearing. If agreeable, I think a second vocal in choice spots could provide some nice dimension.

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