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Studio time!
Now you want pictures of ducks?! Wink Well you are a Beagle. ......they don't allow ducks in the studio, & they also don't pull any punches!
(05-19-2016, 11:44 AM)ShannonB Wrote: Now you want pictures of ducks?! Wink Well you are a Beagle. ......they don't allow ducks in the studio, & they also don't pull any punches!

why not?  ducks are cool in the studio.  just ask Aflac!  

[Image: aflac.jpg]
[Image: img_4067.jpg]
Another update:
I went in today & my producer realized we only have two weeks left of my contract. He really wants to finish the song, so when my husband asked if we could prorate & finish the song, he agreed. He believes the song will take an extra two weeks. I also asked him what would happen to the song when we were done. He said that would be up to me & the artist that has been working on the song. The artist is interested in releasing the song! So I will update in 3 wks! This song will take me past the second week in October, so that will push back the band version of CtCG back to at least November.
cool! keep us posted!
Hi everyone! I should have updates in Nov, Jan, & April or May! Can't let slip more than that, but boy I really want to.
I am keeping up with all of you, though I haven't been as active lately. If I can help anyone with anything, you'll just have to let me know! Smile
This Friday, Jan. 6, I am headed back to the studio with a friend of mine who is going to do the harmonies for a song I started back in May! So excited to see what she & the producer come up with! If he (the producer) decides to release it, I won't be able to share it here. But if he doesn't think it good enough to release, he will just give it to me as a demo, & I will put it on my Soundcloud so I can share it here!
I may have two songs to share soon. The other song kind of "took a break" for 2 months, but is still in progress Smile
So, all, keep your chins up! Never know what's right around the corner!

This is an aside, but do any of you guys have any opinions about Indie Heaven, the internet radio station? Is it something I would want to do with demos that don't get released? I asked my producer, & he doesn't know anything about it. Thanks! Beagle, I'm really asking you, if you happen to read this. And anyone else of course who has a clue Smile
Hello Shannon,
This is the one started up by Kieth Mohr. I Know a little about it but not in full. I was wanting to go to the Inspire Song, a songwriters retreat in Aspen Colorado, that he started for Christian songwriters (the airfare was the thing that stopped me). He has his hands in a few things, a busy guy in the music industry. Kieth has some great advice and does have some valid and real expectations of the material brought before them. I will do some investigating as well. God bless! I hope you had a great New Year!

"A healthy Spiritual walk with God leads you down a Natural Path of worship."
I second the recommendations on Keith Mohr's Inspiresong. here's the website for it: you can also find him on facebook.

I have not used Indieheaven myself, but I know others who have. it's difficult to get your music at top listening spots, just like any other place, but it is another resource for having your music played, so it's certainly worth trying!

any kind of self publishing takes a lot of work, but the harder you work at it the more likely you are to be able to get your songs into more ears! digital distribution services such as the one which we (Scandalous Grace) used and that Greg used for the Whetstone album are relatively cheap and can also get your music on iTunes, amazon, pandora, iheart, etc.

check out ang's post here: for some more great venues to get your music heard.
Thanks guys! Hopefully by 2018 I'll have the resources to go to a conference & an adult child who can babysit while I'm gone!

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