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Dallas Fort Worth, TX area ACSA meeting JULY 9th 2016
If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, please join us for a meeting where we will meet face to face, discuss Christian songwriting and share songs!

The American Christian Songwriter's Association is now a partner with CSN! ACSA was founded in the DFW area and has had members in several locations across the country in the past.  over the last couple of years, the association has not been meeting, but this Saturday will mark the start up of the ACSA meetings again!

if you're in the area - come join us at 
Just Off Main Coffeehouse
113 E Texas St., Grapevine, TX
Wish I could be there! Albuquerque seems to be a lonely place for songwriters (though the movie industry seems to do alrightSmile
I have ACSA on my computer favorites. I'll check them out next week!
HA! You should get rerouted back to here! or rather to the website anyway. I've taken over the ACSA website and for now it gets pointed back to us!
(04-08-2016, 03:13 PM)Beagle Wrote: HA!  You should get rerouted back to here!  or rather to the website anyway.  I've taken over the ACSA website and for now it gets pointed back to us!

Hey Beagle, that's cool! We all appreciate the efforts you've taken to make this site too be successful. God bless!

Thanks Jordan!
Should I be scared? Cause I feel a little scared right now Wink Hope it wasn't a hostile takeover! Smile While we're on the topic, what is CSO?
Lol! Well, no not hostile! Just because I ended running both! ASCA actually is being run by me and three others, but it was just natural in my mind to parter the two! We should be getting some new members here from that group.

CSO is another Christian songwriting group which started actually before CSN but there's not an active membership left as far as I can tell, a lot of the early members here were members of both. We have a couple of members here who were primarily members there before it started dropping out.

CSN used to be much bigger, too, when I joined, but has lost members mostly to Facebook, from what I can tell. We used to have a few hundred posts per day.
Hello Beagle,
This is all very interesting. We live in a time that has so many things competing for our attention so its a challenge to find creative ways too keep people interested. I am also a member from another Christian Songwriting site and I currently try to encourage people to becoame involved and see how rewarding it is to be an "Active" participant. Some do but we also have other commitments that govern our time. What I've done personally is committed my breaks and lunch period when I'm able to both of these sites with the hopes of being a source of encouragement. I know that this may only be for a season but it's something that I hope will stimulate the muse in each of us as well as build our Faith. THanks again Beagle for you and those who are working along side of you too provide this avenue which allows us to fellowship with our brothers & sisters in Christ around the world!

that's great Jordan!
Bump for July 9th meeting! info above in first post! hope to see some of you there!

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