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Introducing....(drum roll please)...Collaboration Forums!
Yes!  Collaboration forums!  I think this will be a great new feature for CSN!  

Here's how it works:
Find one or two people you want to collaborate with.
  *could be a lyricist, a guitarist, and a pianist
  * or just 2 people who can do both lyrics and melodies/chords
  * or 5 people who want to try to overcome the dangers of musicians trying to work together!
  * you don't have to live in the same area to work together!
After you have your "band" - send me (Beagle) a PM with the user names of each of the ones you want to have access to the new forum and what you want the name of your "band" to be (don't worry - it doesn't have to be a binding, legal contract for you to keep the name forever - it's just so you'll have a name for your collaboration forum).
I'll create a subforum in the PROJECTS, COLLABORATIONS AND CHALLENGES forum.
only your band members and myself will have access to that forum.  (I reserve the right to also add a mod or two in order to help me keep up with moderation of this new forum area)
This forum will be hidden from all other members and they won't be able to read any of the posts.
what this means is that you can "make sausage" in the subforum and then present the sausage for consumption when you're ready!

an example of how this might work (all users in this example are completely fictional, not to be confused with actual members!):

wetrodent and ShanniaB decide to team up and make a virtual band called "Hot Toddy!"
wetrodent sends Beagle a PM stating they want to form a collaboration to write songs together
Beagle creates a new subforum under the PROJECTS, COLLABORATIONS AND CHALLENGES forum called "Hot Toddy"
Beagle sets up this forum so that only himself, wetrodent and ShanniaB can access this new forum.
wetrodent and ShanniaB start posting collaboration information back and forth to each other to create a new song called "Baby I'm Sick and the Only Cure is Hot Toddy!"
they work out the lyrics and chords.
at this point they might want to post the lyrics in the LYRICS forum for critique to help them hone their song
then they start working out the chords and melodies in the "Hot Toddy" forum
then they might want to put a scratch recording up in the SONG CRITIQUES forum to help hone their song even more!
then they go back behind the scenes and finish up a final recording complete with backing vocals, cowbell and a glockenspeil...with wetroden on lead vocals and playing a Resonantor and banjo!
Hot Toddy then might want to post the song in the SONG critiques again for final touches.

after all of the final touches are done, wetrodent and ShanniaB ask Beagle to post the song into the "SHOWCASE" forum!

this new SHOWCASE forum will be a new forum for ALL to be able to see and will be able to place comments in on showcased songs.  the forum is not completely open, tho, it will require me or my designated mod to place the first post in the forum so that we can maintain order of showcase songs.

that might sound a little complicated, but it's not really once we start working it!

I hope everyone will find this new feature helpful and I look forward to setting up the first collaboration!!!!
ROTFL! That was smooth, Hound Dog, real smooth! Did you spend a lot of time in HS & college setting people up? Smile What was your success rate? Smile This was one of the funniest things I've ever woken up to! I'm game, even if hot toddies have never worked for me when I'm sick Smile
Any resemblances to other characters or users are purely coincidental!

But the collaboration forum and showcase are real!

Big Grin
Ok, there has been no interest at all in the collaboration forum, so it has been closed.

...that is all...
Oh, that is a bummer. I was very excited as I reading about it.
Keep refining your craft just as Jesus refines us.
(02-05-2017, 09:59 PM)Michael Ford Wrote: Oh, that is a bummer.  I was very excited as I reading about it.

If there is interest in it, I can easily open it up again!

Looks like this is somewhat modeled after what we did with the Scandalous Grace Band.
(02-06-2017, 03:25 PM)michaelhanson Wrote: Reece,

Looks like this is somewhat modeled after what we did with the Scandalous Grace Band.

That's exactly right!  but it can be done right here on the CSN forums!
Hopefully this thread isn't still closed. After all, I was redirected here~

I am hoping to pull together a collaboration of sorts, assuming I can find others that would like to do the same. For now, I'll keep the request simple: I'm an aspiring amateur of multiple things, so if anybody has a request for a position they need filled, let me know and maybe I can take up some of the slack. It is a bit sad to see such a thread go unloved, I assumed the topic would be more popular. Regardless, let's see how it goes.

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