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I Have A Dream
Hello All!
I don't think this one ever made it to the old site, please correct me if I am wrong.

I Have a Dream

Bmi A G
I have never been satisfied with my life.
Bmi A G
A kind of selfishness inside I try to hide.
Bmi A G
Put a smile on my face
And pretend that I belong in this place.
But, oh Lord, how long do I have to wait?
Bmi A D
I need a vision, I need a dream.

Wake up in the mornin’, pull the covers over my head.
Can’t think of a reason to get out of this bed.
I need a dream so I don’t fall asleep.
Some kind of vision of who I’m supposed to be.
Bmi G D
I need a vision, I need a dream.

Maybe this is just some kind of crazy anticipatin’

Cause I know that this is not my home.
But, oh Lord while I am here waitin’
I know I’ll never, ever be alone.
Bmi G D
I have a vision, I have a dream.

I’m gonna do so much more than just survive
I’m gonna move & breathe & know that I’m alive
I’ll live my life to bring You glory.
I’ll live my life to tell Your story.
I have a vision, I have a dream.
I have a dream so I won’t fall asleep.
I have a vision of who I’m supposed to be.
I have a vision, I have a dream. (Repeat)
Ahhh!!! You played piano! Good for you girl!

Nice Shannon!
Sweet melody. I know I’ll never, ever be alone.--nice melodic change here that caught my ear!
Fairly steady rhythmically.
Nice hook.
Very relevant theme for the day--who can't relate.

I hope this one sets a precedent for your writing and for you playing!

So, what is your goal and vision? Are you aspiring to be a writer for others, or an artist?
If you are an aspiring artist, will you be able to take piano and voice lessons to develop these skills? Those would be your three main areas to develop in --writing, singing and playing. But if a writer/composer you get to focus on these. Just curious as I don't know if you ever really said. I know you sing at church.

Called to, "Teach the word of the Lord; sing it to the nations loud and clear."
Hello Shannon,
I like this song. It has a good foundation and with some tightening up it I could see it played a couple of different way. 1) Upbeat and busy emphisis on instruments (pop) 2) Slow and acoustic with an emphisis on vocal harmonies. Either way I think that there is a lot you could do with this song. Thanks for sharing, God bless!

Thanks Sarah & Jordan! Sarah, I'm sorry to say I have no clue! I have never taken piano because I have a fear of teachers. All I know is that I am exploring for the next six years while I finish up the homeschooling. Internet has been a great outlet, as I'm waiting for my expensive children to leave my home before I invest money in studio work. My husband calls me eclectic. I guess some would say I haven't "found myself." Smile The co-writing is what keeps me on the site. And I do love singing at church! Once I do have more time & money for demoing my "own" work, I think I would like to promote it for film. But only God really knows!
And Jordan, when I sing this, it's much faster. The piano does slow me down a bit!
Hey everybody!
After more than a year, I finally have this one studio produced! I am just sharing it because you are my beloved peeps, & I couldn't do any of this without your encouragement!
I won't stop you from critiquing, but don't feel like you have to. It might be a while before I can get back to this one. I am not putting it up on my collaboration website, as I consider it finished! Hallelujah!

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