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All:  Here's one for your comments on how to improve it.  Thank you, Neil


copyright Neil Sleevi
Verse 1
Jesus tells us of two roads

Most folks like one real well

It's wide and easy trav’lin'

But a highway bound for hell

The other road is narrow

And it is hard to find

Few have ever found it

Yet this road leads to life


People will make choices
Choose to follow voices
Which lead to life or lead to death
Choices many will regret

Verse 2

Jesus tells us of two trees

One scarcely had much fruit

And cut up for the fire
For the little it produced

The other tree is diff'rent

Its food is fit to eat

Nourishment and goodness

Are what comes from this tree

Will we think that Jesus owes us

For all we've done and said?
Will He say He even knows us
For the choice we made instead?
Verse 3

Jesus tells us of two houses

The first was built on sand

Destroyed by winds and water

Which were more than it could stand
The other house endures

When trouble comes to knock

Overcoming perils

Established on a Rock

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