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You Ain’t Heard It All
Here's one Dan Simmons (brought to life with lyrics, composition, production, etc.  Please let me know how we might improve it!  Thank you!!!

Words: Neil Sleevi
Words, Music, and all else: Dan Simmons

You Ain’t Heard It All

Verse 1

As Jesus slept there rose a storm

And His men feared they would drown

So they cried to Him; “Save us Lord!”

This ol’ bucket’s going down!

Then Jesus rose amidst the noise

Rebuking wind and wave

Amazed disciples heard His voice

And the crashing seas obeyed


So you may think you’ve heard it all

But have you heard the Savior’s call?

The loving words of Jesus

The truth that comes to free us

You may have heard a million things

But till you hear the King of kings

My friend you ain’t heard anything

Oh, you ain’t heard it all

Verse 2

When the leaders wanted Jesus dead

They sent the Temple guards

They feared that Jesus’ name would spread 

And His fame would go too far

But the guards returned their job undone 

They failed to bring him in

In shame explaining what went wrong

They said, “No one's spoke like Him.”



Well the words of the philosophers

They will rise and they will fall

But the words of heaven’s carpenter

Will reign above them all


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