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With Faith in You
While I admire President Trump's recognition of God, it's not unusual to have his faith questioned. Let's pray for our president, and recognize/emulate our country's heritage.

With Faith in You

Our country, yes, it’s true
Was found with faith in You. You are the One,
Parted the Red Sea,
Father of liberty,
May ev’ry neighborhood, Your will be done.

Pray for our President.
Our leader has been sent, to guide our way.
With God, we will succeed.
Help us in time of need.
You give abundantly. “Thank You”, we say.

Our country, let us pray,
As in the Founders’ day, in God we’ll trust.
Only the One so wise,
Could such a plan devise.
Chosen, yet have free will, nothing we must.

You gave Israel the Law.
It showed to us our flaw, and need of You.
Saints made because of Christ.
Your blood has paid the price.
When You are made our Lord, our faith’s most true.

Not works, but faith alone,
Is how you do atone. How is it done?
Jesus, you are I AM,
Sacrificed as a lamb.
You’re still alive today. The vict’ry’s won!

(I wrote these lyrics while Obama was president.)
From death he did rise and will come again.
Move on with him now to be ready for then.
the gruvster

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