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Old Timer revisiting
Hello World,

I'm a 50+ yo Christian programmer who's written some 100+ Christian folk and contemporary songs, many of which can be heard at my band's website (we are DIS banded, but the songs live on...) 

I've also written seven Christian Fantasy and SciFi novels, three of which are published so far. The rest are in need of a serious edit...

I'm currently working on publishing the third book in my series, A Prince of Lynvia. All it needs is cover art.

I'm also working, currently, on a video game, entitled 'Bible Girl and the Jungle of Confusion'. It's a Christian RPG game, think 'Captain Bible' meets 'Final Fantasy' on Mars. Instead of spells you use Bible Verses you collect. It will be a kid-friendly game that may actually promote verse memorization. There are over 300 verses used in the game (so far. I'm about 25% done with it, though most of the verses, enemies, and graphics are created.)

I considered using a known Christian song and artist for Intro and Credits music, but I'm going to shy away from selling, as some asset providers insisted they are only available for non-Commercial games.

Anyway, I'll put in a request on a different forum, I think, but I'll be seeking music help for battle music and credits score. Along the lines of Fireflight or Ignition by Toby Mac... Not my expertise, and my hands are full with Eventing and writing...
Hi Chris
Welcome to CSN!
Wow this is so exciting! What an adventure you are on!
There are many here who may have the music you may need. So yes, let your needs be known.
Many blessings to you in your ministry!
ang Smile
Hi Chris! welcome to CSN! I certainly hope you can find someone to help you with your needs! it sounds exciting!

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