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Hello Blake here from Memphis , TN Area
Hi Folks  I'm Blake ,  I've been playing music for many years , inspired by camp fire guitar songs my parents used to sing ,  and influenced by the music they listened to , that included a lot a great musicians.

Sang in church and high school  and college choirs , majored in Music at McNeese State university in Lake Charles, LA , that's were I really began following  the Lord Jesus as well , have an  evangelistic Pentecostal back ground    that's expanded to a more in depth scriptural knowledge over the years, but still have a foundational understanding that the power of Holy Spirit Filled worship and prayer as a key to overcoming the world and renewing our mind.

I've been writing for over 30 years all though not as a profession ,  I've lead praise and worship in small home groups, churches  and played guitar at conferences and camp meetings.

I teach and lead congregational worship from time to time , and I'm a network engineer by day. 

I also have a recording studio in my house and I've been using it and networking with other folks in the area to work on projects together.

Right now I'm learning the process from arranging , recording , mixing and mastering my own stuff and it's  a pretty steep climb , but I'm catching on.

I play guitar and bass and pretty decent on keys as well. l have  a tenor vocal range and pretty good voice I'm told.  

Truth be known I'm looking for collaborators and brothers and sisters in the Lord to praise Jesus and advance his kingdom and hopefully create space for God's people to connect with him and each other through psalms hymns and spiritual songs of our making.

I have a  few songs on sound cloud but these are earlier versions of my songs I either am already reworking or plan too.. but if you want a flavor of some of the things I've written , there are  three songs posted on sound cloud.

Look forward to meeting you folks , . 


Married , and have two kids living at home.
Hi Blake - welcome to CSN!
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?!
welcome blake! glad you're here! I'm an Electrical Engineer by day and I also have a studio in my home. you'll find others who have things in common these forums as well! glad to have you aboard!
Hi Blake!
Welcome! If you are interested in collaboration, please see any of my works here & e-mail me at
(11-01-2017, 02:12 PM)ShannonB Wrote: Hi Blake!
Welcome! If you are interested in collaboration, please see any of my works here & e-mail me at

OK Shannon ,  

New to the site so where would I go to hear your stuff? 


Hi Blake,

Like you, live in the Memphis area, and have been playing for > 30 years. About 2005 God got a hold of me, (or I had an extreme midlife crisis ;-) and started cranking out songs for Him.

My brothers and I recorded a few albums, and I went on writing for another several years, getting about 100 songs recorded using Magix and a home computer. Welcome to the forums! You can hear some of my stuff at or on SoundClick, linked through our band website.

Like Beagle i have a BSEE, but I program for fun and profit at a Mfg company. :-)
Just click on my name in blue above. It'll take you to my profile, then click on "see all threads". or or

Thanks Blake!

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