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Returning after a long absence
i joined and participated in the 2002-2003 time frame but now I’m starting with a new logon and password. I write a small amount of secular blues/country/funk but mostly contemporary Christian pop, praise and worship. I’m dated a bit in the late 80’s early 90’s period in my approach and my style, I like songs with a purpose such as story songs, songs that teach precepts or build faith. I’m average talent on guitar, bass, keys, drums and my vocal range is limited. Open to collaborating on words, lyrcs, melodies or to auditioning vocalists who can bring new relevance to the songs. Naturally I’m willing to do the same for others. 

In addition to songwriting I’m an ordained minister who has led worship, pastored, taught, and done music ministry outreach in churches and coffeehouses including 24 hour worship services  so I’m open to participating in like events for others within reasonable driving range.

I still have some songs I recorded 10-15 years ago on soundclick in case anyone wants to peruse them. There is no charge to download, I never sell ministry though at rare times allow people to make a donation if they truly feel so led to defray costs of travel and recording but never to download my online music.

Rev Bill,

Https:// will redirect you to my soundclick page
Welcome back Rev Bill! glad to have you here! hope you'll come back often and post often!

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