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Best Options for a treating a home or project Studio Room
For what it’s worth:  My recording space has changed significantly, opening up all those questions about speaker placement, room treatment, etc. that I hadn’t thought about in a while.
I’m pretty sure you do the same kind of research and searching that I do, but the link below was new to me.   To summarize it for you, a team of university students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute took on a project to:

“…demonstrate cost effective methods of acoustic treatment for independent and at-home recording artists that they could easily incorporate in their space. It is essential that the report focus on spending as little money as possible in order to align itself with the position an at-home recording artist would find themselves in ...

One reason I’m writing here is that I was surprised at some of their findings, I had accepted the common view that broadband absorption or Bass Traps were the best approach – and being quite wrong according to this study.  Being as they put it “… with little effect.”
They agree that subjectively the character of the room changed a bit. But did it improve the frequency response of the room to give you a more accurate environment for judging the quality of a mix at the listening position?  Their answer was no.

“None of our absorption materials made a great impact on the absorption properties of the rooms. Using more expensive commercial equipment is not inherently better than less expensive fabric, plywood floorboards, etc. In fact neither the commercial material, fabric, floor boards, or our bass traps did anything to alter the frequency response of the room dramatically.”

What did work dramatically according to the study, was the Cardas method of placing speakers. For myself I’ve been careful in the measurement and placement of my Nearfields before, but mostly with the intent to avoid the worst room nodes. The Cardas method relies on different math to use nodes to its advantage.

Anyway, thought it would be an interesting and useful conversation…. Here is the link
Greg - the link doesn't work. I get a 404 message.

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Thanks Beagle, I updated it. - try it now?
got it! works now!

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