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look to the east
Here is a little something for y'alls critiquing. 

 look to the east
and watch the clouds
for they soon will be parted.
The son of  man is coming back
to finish what He started. 
(Repeat  chorus)

Verse one:
when the morning star rises,
and the dawn breaks bright and fair.
The clouds will be rolled back as a scroll 
and reveal him standing there.
Even before we see Him ,
in the twinkling of an eye. 
We shall go to meet him
 and take that heavenly ride. 

Chorus againx2

Brothers and sisters
I have something to say.
You better get ready
cause Jesus is on his way.
And how will he find you 
upon His return?
 will you be standing around 
or will you be hard at work?

Chorus again x2

That is pretty much it. What it sound like, in my head is a bluegrass/ country or even southern rock style. I could possibly throw down a scratch vocal if any one would like me to.

Enjoyable lyrics until "hard at work".

"that heavenly ride" is by faith in Jesus having the done the work.

"And how will he find you
upon His return?"

My suggestion is to end with lyrics that make a point about faith.
From death he did rise and will come again.
Move on with him now to be ready for then.
the gruvster
point taken. I kind of had the idea of serving God until his return, but it could be taken as you said. Must think on that one. Thanks

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