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New here, Just stopping by to introduce myself. My name is Brenda Jean. 
I first began writing when I was young. And finished my first book in Middle school.
It was stolen from me, and I got a writers block, and could not put together a book
again, but I kept on writing.
I write Poems and lyrics.

I write about God and love.

In my desperation to get the songs out of me, I began to learn the Concert Ukulele. I now have
4 songs I can do at open mic.

1. Moses Song
2. Thinking
3. Jeremiah's Song
4. No Fussin'

Moses Song is the Third Moses Song and comes from Revelations Ch 15.
Thinking is about life and God's goodness, Jeremiah's song is based out of Jeremiah, And No Fussin' was
inspired by the Holy Spirit I just began singing to my best friend. (Family stuff) 

I'm working on others, and No Fussin' seems to be the favorite people like best.
I just wanna magnify God the Father, Yeshua the Son, & The Holy Spirit, and bless people.

Thank you for listening,
Brenda Jean
Hi Brenda Jean - welcome to CSN!
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?!
Hi Brenda! Welcome to CSN! so glad to have you here! I look forward to hearing your songs and we would love to have you participate in our critique forums!

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