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Lord You're All I Need from Scandalous Grace
Another SG song!  written by yours truly performed by the gang and me!


Reece: Lead vox, piano, drum programming, mixing, words & music
Mike: BGVs, electric rhythm, bass
Sean: BGVs, electric rhythm
Mrs. Beagle: BGVs
All comments are appreciated!
Noticing Neil's request to Mike about not having the lyrics on his SG song, I thought I'd come back and put lyrics up on this one!

Verse 1
When I am low and sinking
When I don’t know what I’m thinking
I turn to You, You make me new

You give me strength, Water to drink
You give me air. So I can breathe!

Lord, You’re all I need! Lord, You’re all I need!
Without You I can’t breathe!
And Lord You’re all I need!
You’re all I need!

Verse 1
I can’t see the path I’m taking
I might fall in the pit I’m making
I cling to You! You’re my rescue!



You are Lord most high!
You are giver of life!

Chorus x2

You’re all I need!

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