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"Praise" - original song

Here's another original song, titled "Praise."


Let the music praise Him!

Father, Son and Holy Ghost
We are here to praise Thee
We'll sing along with the heavenly host
Because You're so amazing
If we took time to count the ways
That You are worthy of all our praise
We would count 'til the end of days
So let's count our blessings now
And let the music praise Him!

Father, Son and Holy Ghost
We raise our voices to Thee
Praise be to You so that none may boast
Your strength is flowing through me
All the blessings that come our way
Make us grateful enough to pray
Sometimes it's hard to know what to say
So let the musicians play
Let the music praise Him!

Praise to the Father
Praise to the Son
Praise to the Spirit
All three in one
(repeat once)

Praise God!
Interesting song. I think the synth needs to be toned down a bit. It takes over the song.
Thanks for your feedback!

If you're speaking of the bass synth, I wanted it to be big, but I do see your point. My main concern is to make sure nothing obscures the vocals in any of my songs.
IMO {So so please insert various caveats} the vocals on your tracks are always clear so that's not an issue.   But the vocals on this one do come across to me as if the vocalist is at the back of the stage, and the synth jumps in from of him like - well, the visual I have is from the Muppet Show of the other performers jumping in front of Kermit or Miss Piggie and making them mad because they are trying to sing but the rest of the band is getting in the way.  That's no reflection on the song or production! Just proves that I have a toddler's point of view? Smile  

Anyway, the vocal seems pretty wet with a longer reverb tail (in comparison), and the synth is very bright and relatively dry/short.  Both are pretty centered I know, but the overall effect IMO makes the vocal wider than the synth and darker and further back; sort of peeking around the synth in a way that makes the synth feel like a distraction or in the singer's way at times.  I feel like pulling the synth back would take life out if it (I agree with you there) but pushing the vocal harder might feel like they were trying to push each other out of the way.  

Musically its always to your taste and style. If you did decide to tweak it but wanted to keep the production like it is with minimal change, maybe automate the synth, ducking it or maybe using a Leslie effect type effect where you could believably change the pan position (move it out of the way) without feeling too obviously like a mixing gimmick?  Whatever you like.

BTW my favorites are "Walk the Dog" and "Pre-school Blues".   Whatever you did there with the vocal, seems to fit together a little better IMO.
I definitely appreciate your input, gdball. I might play with the panning and see how that goes. I also have room to record a different bass part, so that's an option.

I also very much appreciate you taking the time to listen to the other songs!
This is a just-plain-fun song. I was smiling the whole time I was listening to it!
Hey BTW tell us about "Joy Unspeakable" ?
(09-21-2017, 10:30 AM)pshell Wrote: This is a just-plain-fun song. I was smiling the whole time I was listening to it!
Which song?
Sorry, my bad... I replied to the wrong post.
(09-21-2017, 01:16 PM)gdball Wrote: Hey BTW tell us about "Joy Unspeakable" ?
If you're referring to my song "JOY!", it's about true, lasting joy coming from Jesus. One line from the song goes "Joy is greater than the moment," meaning that it's far more enduring than momentary good times. You can tap into real, God-given joy even when things aren't going well.

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