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Writing style
I was wondering how everyone writes their songs. For instance,  I usually sing the lyrics over and over adding and deleting as it feels right our wrong as the case may be. I also do something like a spoken word or poem from time to time. I don't really play an instrument so all the music is in my head. Do yall do something similar?
Yes, I do the same thing
A song will keep singing in my head and I keep hearing it over and over.......... and I keep singing it ..........and fine tune it along the way. This keeps happening until I get it done. I also do not play an instrument, but I can find a few chords and hunt and peck for the rest

If you can sing it and post it, maybe someone will offer to help with music. I see a few people on here who do that.

Blessings Smile
I usually don't have a road map of the song. Often it just starts with a line or more likely two lines. More often than one might think, they're verse lines rather than the hook. The melody sometimes comes with the lyrics, but it is more common for the lyrics to come first. Everybody says "Write from the hook" and it is good advice but I tend not to take it - contrarian hamster!
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?! 


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