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Hello team,

Am new to the forum and am excitted about being a member, joining a pool of anointed songwriters. I am a songwriter and have done one in my life which someone then recorded. I did not get myself in order and lost it. The first recording acknowledged me, but the nsame person took it for re recording with someone else and now its not mentiioning me as the owner. I then found out that I need to have rights fro any song that I write.

I have been writting a lot since way back and have it in my files now. I am looking for a more professional start up advice. I have fears of giving my songs to people and I get nothing out of it (although money is not the most important part of this).

Where can I start?

I saw here you say the best way of starting would be to share lyrics with someone better qualified, but how does this guarantee me of not losing the song to people?

Please help
Can I ask you to talk a little more about what your opportunities and aspirations are, and how much do you want to spend?

There is a point where a writer needs a relationship with a music business entertainment lawyer. Say you were gonna sign a deal to provide music for a motion picture, Word Entertainment, etc. Maybe you are in a place where the $300 initial consult fee is worth it to you and I DON'T in any way mean that sarcastically or snarky. Maybe just the piece of mind. Its a good investment and such lawyer are often as valuable for their contacts as they are for their advice.

But its largely a waste of time for both of you if the skills, quality, etc. isn't there yet. Especially when it comes to contacts. Its like that expression where the best boost to your career is to appear on Jimmy Fallon 1 minute after you are ready, but the worst thing is to appear on Jimmy Fallon 1 minute before you are ready. Quick secret - entertainment lawyers seem to have replaced A&R in many cases as talent scouts and they know everybody. Or at least the good ones do.

Short of that, a book by written by one of those lawyers (Donald Passman) "Everything you need to know about the music business" is IMO one of the most authoritative ways to answer the question. I will say that I think your fears are groundless, but I'd rather that he told you Smile and I'd rather that you relied on someone like that rather than me for the kinds of protections that you SHOULD take. I'll also agree that you need to work with other writers to grow.

The best thing I ever did for my music was to get a local producer. I've tried online collaborations, but they are so slow-going that sometimes it is depressing. I do count gd as one of my producers because of the compilation CD he did for us. BTW, gd, I just added you to my profile Smile I just put your name & Texas, so if you want me to add more, let me know Smile
I don't even have time to worry about people stealing my music. At least then it would be out there! Smile Just doing a little bit each day is what keeps me going. The best thing my collaboration website has done for me is having all my music right there in one place. I can send people my link, & they don't even have to look at the other junk that might be on there. If I give up on any open project, I delete it & put it into a Media Library, where anyone can pick it up & say, "Hey, let's work on this together!" It also works well for an EPK, or electronic press kit.

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