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All is Well
© Deb Rempel 2017
Verse One
Going through a tough spell, Lord, You know.
My fault that I fell, oh, Lord, You know.
I prayed for relief.
All You gave was peace –
(So I’m) Singing from this darkness, “All is well.”
All is well with my soul.
Even here, in this hole.
Lord, I have no doubt
You will raise me out.
‘Till You do I’m singing, “All is well.”
Verse Two
Days stretch into weeks, oh, Lord, You know.
When will this trouble cease -only You know --
(But) All my days are Yours
So, I trust You, Lord.
Until I am released, Lord, All is well.
I have lived
In my own hell.
You raised me then.
Yes, all is well.
Under Your wings, Lord,
I surely dwell.
Oh, take Your time, Lord.
All is well.
Mighty fine write, Deb - mighty fine! I'd rather see the present tense in this spot:

"I pray for relief.
All You give is peace – "

For me, these lines are absolutely killer:

"Under Your wings, Lord,
I surely dwell.
Oh, take Your time, Lord.
All is well."
I am a damp hamster, a small moist rodent with a pea-sized brain... so what do I know?!
I really like this. The whole premise that even in tough times one can still experience God's peace and that is enough is a great message. Personally something I really need to understand right now.

Thanks and God Bless,

I really enjoyed your lyrics. Goods premis good theology exactly what is needed these days. 
The word hole is throwing me in the chorus though. I understand exactly what you mean but it sounds out of place. If you could find a better way to say the same thing the chorus would be better for it.  Keep at it that is a keeper.
I was just going to comment about that very word. This is a very good lyric. However, I'm sure you can find a way to replace it.
Hey Deb, I understand the tough time you are going through, but I'm having a hard time with the progression of this song. In the first verse you say I'm having tough times and it's my fault and that's fine. Then you pray for relief and you say (all) you give is peace I don't get the all. What more is there? Then after you get His peace you say you are still in darkness. Maybe your situation hasn't changed. Maybe all the unrest in your life should lead to the end of this song with Gods peace. Just a thought!!
I like this lyric. It has kind of a modern hymn feel to it. Maybe the "All you gave was peace" line could just be changed to "And you gave me peace."
If you want to get out of the "hole" in the chorus, maybe:
All is well with my soul,
Though this life takes its toll.
Lord, I have no doubt,
You'll turn it about.
'Til you do, I'm singing, "All is well."

Nice lyrics. Hope this is helpful.

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